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We are Evest Pro

Evest Pro is an international turnkey solutions provider that specialises in the provision of forex broker turnkey and cryptocurrency broker turnkey technologies. A subsidiary of Evest Ltd, Evest Pro offers turnkey technologies mainly to B2B businesses, ranging from investment firms, Forex and CFD Brokerages, proprietary trading firms to professional high net worth traders.


Our turnkey services are, but not limited to, as follows:

  • EPortal, Forex CRM and back office for forex broker
  • Investment Platform, Money Management system such as:
    • PAMM
    • MAM
    • Social Trading Platform (follow trade)
  • Liquidity Aggregation technologies

In line with our core values and logo, Evest Pro was founded to support the technological needs of financial institutions by providing comprehensive forex and cryptocurency turnkey solutions. We have the required expertise and necessary resources to offer the perfect mix of solutions and counsel for your business needs and personal preference.

At Evest Pro, our turnkey solutions are a combination of state-of-the-art software and hardware, tailored explicitly for established brokers to optimise their workflows and new brokers to build their businesses. Also, our delivery is governed by our long-standing principle of quality-driven and people-oriented, ensuring a stable and conducive trading infrastructure.


We aim to become the choice for both institutional and retail clients internationally and be recognised as the best financial ecosystem in the world.


Our mission is to help investors, professional traders, brokerage companies and financial institutions gain advantage from the financial world with our advanced tools and technology solutions.

Our Core Values

As a responsible corporate entity, we are defined by our core values, guiding our internal affairs and relationship with all stakeholders. We believe that they are the key drivers for us to achieve great results, towards accomplishing our Vision and Mission. Above all, we pledge to uphold and practise these values in every aspect of our business operation.


In a dynamic environment of electronic investment, our pursuit of excellence remains constant. We strive to achieve the highest level of quality in our product delivery and customer satisfaction.


In line with our Vision, we strive to circumvent from convention and push for innovation. We believe innovation to be the key factors in originating new and top-notch solutions for our valued clients and realising a conducive financial ecosystem.


Being part of an industry that is regulated locally and globally, we adhere to high ethical standards regarding electronic investment. We do not waver from our compliance and professionalism.


A company is as good as its people, and Evest Pro is no exception. We care about the empowerment and welfare of our people, as much as we care about our valued clients’ satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

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Multi-Asset Tier-1 Liquidity

We acquire the best prices from a broad range of Tier-1 financial institutions and offer top industry spreads across numerous trading instruments, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, Equities, Energies and Cryptocurrencies.

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Flexible & Customisable

Evest Pro offers flexible solutions for diverse trading goals and needs. We offer clients the best solution and provide the utmost support for them to achieve their desired outcome.


Superior Trading Tools

With our advanced technology and ultra-fast data centres, clients can execute trades at optimal speeds, and stable price feeds without spikes or gaps.


Post-Trading Transparency

We offer our valued clients a complete post-trading report for viewing the history of past trading executions and transactions. Our transparency ensures that we have the best interest of clients in mind.

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Quality Client Support

Beyond the standard customer support services, we ensure that our team is capable, honest and reliable. Providing the best service to clients and offering prompt solutions and alternatives that ensure the mutual success of our businesses.

Evest Pro

Launch your brokerage today.

Since our establishment, we hold firm to our principle of customer-focused and gained a well-deserved reputation as a trusted and reliable technology partner.